Old Rust And Weeds
People who build these old cars and trucks usually
fall into two categories. Some enjoy the  
build more than driving. Others, like myself, love the
driving more than the building.
After two and a half years of planning, fabricating,
altering,and assembling, my idea of a very low
maintenance street rod is almost complete.
The exterior and interior are as found ! Thats 63
years of well defined character! You cannot improve
on what time has created ! Hiding under the
"Organic" shell is a modern street rod minus the
"bling" .
I recently woke up the neighbors and interrupted a
prayer meeting on a clear Friday morning in early
February 2014 ! Since then, the old truck and I have
been spotted all around the area. My journeys will
get longer and more frequent as I work out the
minor "build" adjustments.
The first major road trip will be on the 4th weekend
of April to opening weekend of Somernites Cruise in
Somerset KY! See ya there..!!!!!
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Old Rust And Weeds.
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