All of the photos on this page were
taken at nostalgia racing events.
They still drive them with the
"pedal to the floor" and the front
wheels in the air. !!!

Walking thru the pits at these
events will stir up emotions.  
Racing fuel and burnt rubber are in
the air. You hear vintage speed
equipment cackle to life. You will
see the old timers leaning over the
motor and making those little
adjustments with greasy hands.

While they are tuning you are
watching and listening to that
motor rumble, knowing the guy
probably helped build that car way
back when.

As you head back towards the
grandstands you notice the crowd
that stands around the legendary
Chrysler sponsored "High And
Mighty" gasser, with its trademark
nose in the air stance and those
ridiculously wild painted silver

As you continue towards the roar
of the track you notice a couple of
factory sponsored
know the 409 Impalas...the Hemi
Darts. Wait....there is a factory that a Thunderbolt
in the staging lane..?

As you get ready to sit down you
notice the track is about 10 feet
away and only a chain link fence
and a 2 foot tall concrete wall for
protection. Then the announcer
tells the crowd that this track was a
stop on the NHRA Tour, way back in
the day....and this is like a
homecoming for some of the old
timers you just seen tuning.

Imagine are right in the
middle of a historical gathering of
automotive history and wouldn't
you know it ...... the camera is at
home on the table. You were in a
hurry again !
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